QMark SSHO Smart Series 208V High Output Digital Wall Heater

Product Description

The QMark 208-Volt SSHO Smart Series Digital Large Wall Heater is ideal for adding supplemental heat to lobbies, restaurants, bedrooms, offices and various other locations. The hard-wired SSHO4008 automatically adjusts between 4 wattage outputs for optimum comfort (depending on your set and ambient room temperature). In addition, it's programmable, offers multiple modes, and an LED touch screen.

QMark's SmartSeries heaters provide only the amount of heat needed to keep your set room temperature. It uses the proportional difference between your current and set temperatures and continually calculates the needed heat output and fan speed. This means your room temperature will be more accurate and more energy will be saved.

Recess into a Wall

This hardwired wall heater fits recessed between standard studs walls but can also be used with a surface mounting frame. A frame is suggested for block walls or plaster walls.   

Programmable Heat

Few heaters come with the programmable options of the QMark SSHO4008. You can program this wall heater to turn on with specific settings for any day of the week. This not only takes the thinking out of using your heater, but it ensures it only runs when needed. Each day can be broken down into 4 distinct time periods (wake up, daytime, evening, and sleep), so you can literally program your desired settings for various times and days throughout the week.    

Save Energy

One great thing about installing QMark's wall heaters in your space is you can heat only the areas and rooms you're currently using. This saves you energy since most central heating systems heat your entire home, even rooms you never go in. For example, install a wall heater in your bedroom and turn your central heat up a few degrees while you sleep.

The QMark 208v Wall Heater also includes a "Hold" mode. In this mode, a certain temperature will be maintained; this is commonly used when people are at work or on vacation and don’t want to come home to a freezing home (but also don’t want to run their units all day). It can also be used for freeze protection in the winter.

Additional Features

  • Hold Mode: Hold mode overrides programmed settings and maintains a temperature lower than usual during unoccupied times.
  • Ventilation Mode: Use this when you only need a fan (no heat will be used). On mild days, customers like having the option of circulating room air to avoid stuffiness.
  • Nightlight Option: If you're operating this model at night, turn this feature on so it's easier to see.
  • Remote Control: Set your room temperature or change the settings with this remote control.
  • LED Touch Screen: This upgraded screen makes it simple to set your room temperature or program the heater.
  • BMS Option: Allows for connection to Building Management Systems.
  • No Ducting: No ducting or plumbing means no heat loss and higher efficiency.
  • Lock Out Feature: This feature disables normal functions, so the settings can't be messed with.


If you're looking for a wall heater with top-of-the-line features and an efficient design, the programmable QMark SSHO4008 may be the one for you.