QMark SSAR4808 208V Smart Series Programmable Wall Heater

Product Description

The QMark Smart Series wall heaters are unique, high-end heating solutions often found in restaurants, hotels lobbies, and bedrooms. Available in various voltage options, the Smart Series Wall Heater can be programed for up to seven days.

It also features an easy-touch digital control board with thermostat, popular sleek design, and a heavy-duty aluminum grille. After being wired into your wall, simply set your ideal temperature and let this wall heater keep you comfortable without taking up space or being an eye sore in your building.

Voltage and Wattage Options

This impressive wall heater comes with 4 voltage options and must match your building’s voltage rating. The 120-volt heater, typically used in residential or small spaces, offers up to 6,142 BTUs of heating power per hour, while the more powerful heaters offer up to 16,378 BTUs of power. Compare the heat output for each model below. The larger models are ideal for conference rooms, atriums, lobbies, and restaurants.

Advanced Programmable Operation

You can program this wall heater to turn on with specific settings any day of the week. Its SmartSeries Digital Thermostat only outputs the amount of heat needed by continually measuring heat output needed to keep your warm at your set temperature.

A 5-day/2-day programming system allows you to program different settings during the week and on weekends. This not only takes the thinking out of using your heater, but it ensures it only runs when needed. Each day can be broken down into 4 distinct time periods (wake up, daytime, evening, and sleep), so you have total control of it at all times.

Heater Dimensions

This QMark SSAR wall heater was designed to be recessed in wall studs and can be wired with standard building wire. Make sure your wall space is able to fit these dimensions:

  • Back Width: 14.3 inches
  • Back Height: 18.22 inches
  • Depth: 6.25 inches
  • Front Width with Panel: 15.85 inches
  • Front Height with Panel: 19.25 inches


  • Simple Installation - designed to fit between 2 x 4 feet wall sections and also comes with a wall box for mounting
  • 100% Efficient Operation - this wall heater automatically adjusts its wattage output to keep you warm as efficiently as possible
  • Hold Mode - maintains constant set temperature for freeze protection or vacation setting when you aren’t there
  • Building Management System - allows you to connect this model with your system to easily control your space
  • Fan Mode - use this when you only need a fan on mild days
  • Night Light Option - if you're operating this model at night, turn this feature on so it's easier to see
  • Remote Control - set your room temperature or change the settings with this remote control
  • Lock Out Feature - disables normal functions, so the settings can't be adjusted

What Customers Love

  • Little Maintenance: There is practically no maintenance required with this model, except the occasional cleaning.
  • Programmable: There's literally no thinking when it comes to using this heater, since you can program it to run every day.
  • LED Touch Screen: A touch screen is incredibly easy to use (you can also use the remote control for changing settings from anywhere in your space).

Things to Consider

  • Voltage: The power supply voltage in your building must match this heater's voltage rating.
  • Mounting Limitations: This heater shouldn't be installed closer than 12" to the floor or another wall or 36" to the ceiling.