Phoenix Firebird Electric Heat Drying System

Product Description

Powerful, portable, and safe—the Phoenix FireBird Electric Heat Drying System dries any water-damaged space efficiently and effectively. Designed for restoration professionals, this system instantly heats any area inside or outside the drying space and provides supplemental spot heating for comfort on the job. The Phoenix FireBird Heater is equipped with 2 BTU heat settings guided by 2 amp levels, options for ducted or standalone use, onboard air filtration, and numerous safety features. It's your ideal solution for speedy and efficient drying to help restore any water-damaged environment back to health.

Two Heating Options

The Phoenix FireBird Electric Heat Drying System features 2 heating options at 2 amp settings—30 or 50 amps.

  • 30 Amps - At 30 amps, the FireBird produces 18,000 BTUs of heat at 360 cubic feet per minute (CFM) to achieve a healthy temperature increase of 46 degrees F.
  • 50 Amps - At 50 amps, the FireBird produces 31,000 BTUs of heat at 360 CFM, making it possible to raise the temperature in a space by a staggering 80 degrees F.

When running at 50 amps, below-freezing spaces can see an increase in temperature of over 100 degrees F, increasing both your drying speed and efficiency. The Phoenix FireBird Heater includes a 50-amp twist lock receptacle and two 4-pole, 8-foot-grounded power cords for each amp setting. A remote thermostat is also included along with 25 feet of connecting wire. To use, simply place the thermostat inside the area you'll be heating and program your desired temperature. The FireBird will automatically maintain that temperature by cycling the blower and heating elements on and off.

Standalone or Ducted Operation

The Phoenix FireBird can be used as a standalone heater or in multiple ducted configurations for successful drying inside and outside your space. For freestanding operation, select your amp setting, plug in the heater, and begin heating. For ducted operation, attach a 12-inch round accordion-style flex duct to the air inlet or supply outlet (flex ducts sold separately). Ducting the heater is ideal in applications where the unit is too large to fit in the space you want to dry, for example in a low-clearance crawl space. Ducting is also useful in other scenarios where you need more control over airflow. The FireBird includes a detachable 12-inch duct collar.

Additional Features

  • Digital Hour Meter - An onboard hour meter measures cumulative operating time and stores it when the machine is unplugged to help you track total job hours.
  • MERV-11 Filter - An onboard MERV-11 filter removes harmful allergens and particles, helps the system maintain high efficiency, and ensures unobstructed airflow.
  • Start-Up Delay - A start-up delay protects against dangerous electrical arcing and sparking that may occur.
  • Air Pressure Switch - If airflow is restricted either at the inlet or outlet, this switch will shut the heating elements off and prevent them from powering on until the obstruction is cleared.
  • Overheat Cutout - For safety, an overheat cutout shuts off the heating elements when incoming air reaches 140 degrees F. Operation automatically resumes when air temperature falls to 130 degrees F.
  • Cool -Touch Exterior - A cool-touch exterior protects you from burns when the system is heating. Heating elements are double-walled and screened for added protection.
  • Large Wheels - Large, smooth-rolling wheels make it easy to move the FireBird from space to space.
  • High-Impact Skid Plate - Protects the unit from damage when navigating obstacles such as curbs and stairways and when loading into vehicles.


The Phoenix FireBird Electric Heat Drying System provides powerful instant heat for fast and efficient drying of any water-damaged space.

What Customers Love

  • Easy Temperature Control - The remote thermostat maintains your desired temperature in the drying space for fast, even, and efficient drying.

Things To Consider

  • Voltage Requirement - Ensure your intended applications can accommodate a 220/240-volt heater drying system when considering this model.