Perfect Aire 7,000 BTU PTAC w/ Electric Heater

Product Description

Designed for single room use, the Perfect Aire 7,000 BTU PTAC with Electric Heater is the ideal comfort solution for hotels, apartments, bedrooms, and more. Effective in rooms 300 square feet or less, this sleek packaged terminal air conditioner cools, heats, dehumidifies, and more with ease. Quiet and efficient, it’s the year-round comfort option you’ve been searching for.

Year-Round Comfort

Keep you and your guests at the perfect temperature all year long with the Perfect Aire 1PTC07A. Whether using cool mode and its 7,000 BTU performance, adding 10,900 BTUs of warmth, or turning to the three-speed fan for a circulation of air, this unit can do it all.

Not Just Powerful but Efficient

This Perfect Aire 7,000 BTU PTAC isn’t just a powerful cooling and heating option but it’s remarkably efficient and quiet too.

  • High Efficiency Ratings: With its 11.9 Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER), this PTAC is designed to save on cooling and heating costs. Especially important if you’re an apartment or hotel owner.
  • It’s Quiet Too: Never worry about missed sleep due to a noisy air conditioner. Only 50 decibels loud, it’ll never be a disruption.

Additional Features

  • Easy to Control: Choosing the operating mode, fan speed, temperature, and more takes just a touch of the onboard control panel.
  • Compressor Restart Delay: The compressor waits a few minutes until the refrigerant equalizes, helping to extend the life of the part.
  • Automatic Restart: With its memory function, the PTAC will restart in its previous settings should a power outage occur.
  • Extreme Temperature Protection: This PTAC is designed to cut its compressor off automatically in the too hot and too cold situations.
  • Anti-Corrosive Coating: Its anti-corrosive condenser coating keeps rain and other water out of the condenser, preventing rust and other damage.
  • Condensation Removal: Condensation is eliminated through rapid evaporation helping to increase your cooling efficiency.
  • Moisture Removal: Never worry about muggy indoor air because this air conditioner removes 1.7 pints of excess moisture every hour.