Perfect Aire 14,500 BTU PTAC w/ Electric Heater

Product Description

Engineered to deliver year-round comfort to some of the largest rooms in your property, the Perfect Aire 14,500 BTU PTAC with Electric Heater cools and heats rooms as large as 700 square feet. Efficient yet powerful, it’s perfect for installation in both remodels and new construction. Whether used in hotels, apartments, or even your very own home, this sleek PTAC is the last unit you will ever need.

Customizable Comfort

If you’re looking for a single unit that can do it all, then you’ve found it in the Perfect Aire 1PTC15A. This PTAC features 14,500 BTUs of cooling power, 15,000 BTUs of electric heat, and 3 fan speeds (low, medium, high). With just the press of a button, you can choose your desired temperature between 62 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

Efficient and Quiet

Thanks to some impressive features and ratings, this unit is great for ensuring you stay comfortable without interrupting your sleep or putting a dent in your wallet.

  • Impressive Efficiency Ratings: With its 9.5 Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER), it’s able to keep your room at the perfect temperature while ensuring your cooling and heating costs don’t start to rise.
  • Quiet Operation: At a maximum 53 decibels loud, you and your guests will barely notice it’s even there.

Simple to Operate

Controlling this Perfect Aire 14,500 BTU PTAC is as easy as the press of a finger. Simply use the electronic touch control panel located on the front of the unit to choose your temperature, operating mode, and more. Want even easier control. You can control this unit from the comfort of your favorite chair when you connect the Perfect Aire PTAC Wire Remote to your room’s full-functioning wired thermostat.

Additional Features

  • Compressor Restart Delay: The compressor waits a few minutes until the refrigerant equalizes, helping to extend the life of the part.
  • Memory Feature: Should a power outage occur, the unit will restart in its previous settings.
  • Extreme Temperature Protection: This PTAC is designed to cut its compressor off automatically in the too hot and too cold situations.
  • Built to Last: Thanks to its anti-corrosive condenser coating, it’s able to withstand rain, rust, and more.
  • Condensation Removal: Condensation is eliminated through rapid evaporation helping to increase your cooling efficiency.
  • Moisture Elimination: With this PTAC, you can leave your space feeling less muggy by removing 3.2 pints of moisture every hour.


Designed for some of the largest spaces, this Perfect Aire PTAC is the perfect cooling and heating solution for apartments, hotels, bedrooms, and more.

What Customers Love

  • Year-Round Use: With cooling, heating, and more, this PTAC from Perfect Aire keeps you comfortable all year long.
  • Great for Large Rooms: Whether used in hotels or apartments, this option works in rooms as large as 700 square feet.