King Electric 5700W Single Phase Unit Heater

Product Description

Designed for rugged performance, the King Electric KBP Series heaters offer versatile heating in garages or shops up to 600 square feet. A “pic-a-watt” element lets you select from a range of wattage options to tailor it to your room conditions. This is a 240-volt heater that’s proudly made in the United States.

Pic-A-Watt Element for Large or Small Areas

The KBP heater is the industry standard for multi-wattage shop heaters. The King Electric KBP2406 model uses the exclusive multi-tap element that adjusts to several wattages when you install it.

It includes steel sheath elements with different resistance levels that let you pick between these wattage levels: 950, 1,900, 2,850, 3,800, 4,750, and 5,700. For large, extremely cold environments, you can use high wattage options.

Note: This is a single-phase heater that uses up to 24 amps.

Designed for Tough Environments

Don't let the cold keep you out of your garage or workshop. Cut through the cold with this garage heater with features including:

  • Hardwired: This heater can be used in residential and commercial areas wired for 240-volts.
  • Fan-Forced Heating: An aluminum fan blade helps push warm air around your space, while a fan delay slowly cools down to maximize the heat exchange
  • Sealed Motor: A life-long, permanently-lubricated cast iron motor is built-to-last.
  • Corrosion-Resistant: ts powder-coated, textured finish will stand up in any garage, warehouse, or other work area.
  • Mounting: With the universal mounting bracket, mount this heater to the ceiling or wall to free up floor space.

Impressive Heating

Easily set your ideal temperature with simple manual controls:

  • Adjustable Thermostat: Set your heat level by turning the knob. Six heat levels between 40 - 85 degrees F are available with 270 CFMs.
  • Mode: A second control knob has three choices: Off, fan-only, and heat. Choose one and then set your ideal room temperature using the thermostat.
  • Flow Through Design: Air is pulled from the back and released out the front for immediate and efficient heating.

Additional Features

  • Fan-Only Mode: Use it year-round by turning off the heating element.
  • Safety Shut Off: This compact heater shut off automatically when it senses overheating, and then resets to your programed settings once a normal operating temperatures returns.
  • UL-Tested: It has been UL-tested for efficient and safe operation.
  • Powerful CFM: Max cubic feeet per minute (CFM) is 270.
  • Long Warranty: An impressive 5-year warranty is included with purchase.
  • Dimensions: 10.5 W x 11.5 L x 13.625 H-Inches