Friedrich Uni-Fit 14,000 BTU Thru-the-Wall AC with Heater

Product Description

Create cool and warm conditions with the Friedrich Uni-Fit 14,000 BTU Thru-the-Wall AC with Heater. Creating heating and cooling for areas between 700 - 750 square feet, it is great for renovated living areas, waiting rooms, or workshops. The Friedrich GO app makes it easy to control from any phone or tablet when you're on the go or at home.

Other features include three fan speeds, QuietMaster Technology, fan only mode, and more.

This smaller Uni-Fit easily fits with 24.5 - 27-inch sleeves.

Friedrich GO App

Perfect for any computer, phone, or tablet, the Friedrich GO app is great for curbing energy usage on the go or at home. Easily program a seven-day schedule, turn the unit on or off, change temperature, adjust the fan speeds, program the 24-hour timer, and change system modes at home, at work, or on vacation. Pair the free app with Amazon Alexa or Google Home for voice command and hands-free operation.

Heating + Cooling Options

No matter the temperature outside, this Friedrich air conditioner provides 14,000 BTUs of cooling and 10,600 BTUs of heating. Ideal for renovated living areas, offices, waiting rooms, or workshops, this air conditioner propels 265 CFMs of air and has an estimated yearly cost of $135.

QuietMaster Technology

This Friedrich air conditioner will easily go unnoticed with the QuietMaster Technology. The compact design and tighter construction integrate sound reduction features, including:

  • High-density insulation and foam to absorb internal sound from the motor.
  • Counterweights balance the motor to prevent vibrations.
  • Solid steel inner wall for reducing outside noise.

Additional Features

  • Fan Speeds: Enjoy three fan speeds with cooling.
  • Money Saver: Only use the fan only when cooling for reduced energy usage.
  • Fan Only: When you need air circulation, use the fan only mode with three fan speeds.
  • Remote Control: Use the included remote control when the phone is not ideal.
  • Airflow Options: A wide, top-venting design disperses air with eight airflow options with adjustable louvers.
  • Washable Filter: A washable antimicrobial filter helps cleanse the air and keep particulates from interior parts.


The Friedrich Uni-Fit 14,000 BTU Thru-The-Wall Air Conditioner and Heater UET14A33A is great for areas works well for any renovated living area or office waiting room.

What Customers Love

  • Heating + Cooling: The combination of heating and cooling makes this air conditioner ideal for areas that require heating and cooling.

Things to Consider

  • Square Footage: This Friedrich air conditioner and heater is ideal in areas between 500 – 550 square feet.