Friedrich 9,000 Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner with Heat Pump

Product Description

The Friedrich PDH09K3SG PTAC is a great option for hotel rooms as large as 400 square feet. Built with Friedrich's trusted construction and efficient heat pump, it's a durable option for replacing old PTAC models. It uses 9,000 BTUs of cooling power, a fan-only mode, and simple controls to keep rooms feeling fresh all year. A maintenance-friendly design make it a common choice for use in home additions and the hospitality industry.

Efficiency at its Best

An EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) of 11.4 proves it runs efficiently. Its pump transfers heat instead of creating it like traditional heaters, making it more efficient and quiet. Other energy-minded features include:  

  • Being desk-control ready, so owners/operators can control multiple units from one location
  • Setting separate temperature limits in cool and heat modes to control consumption and energy
  • High-end insulation materials keep it running quietly and efficiently

Simple and Versatile Operation

A digital control board and temperature read-out shows the current room temperature and also lets users select a fan speed (low, medium, high) or mode (Cool, Heat, Fan-Only). You can also run its fan constantly or only when the compressor is running—it's your choice. Friedrich's fan is nearly 5 times the surface area of typical PTAC fans, resulting in quicker and more even air distribution.

Unique Friedrich Features

  • Its 2-motor design lets the indoor motor run at slower speeds.
  • Easily access the components and air filters for cleaning or repairs thanks to its maintenance-friendly design.   
  • Seacoast protection helps avoid corrosion and other damage to outdoor materials thanks to this durable finish.
  • A Quick Start/Stop feature delays the fan from cutting on and off at the same time as the compressor--making it run quieter through the day and night.
  • The high efficiency rotary compressor maximizes durability and efficiency while it's running.
  • Backed by Friedrich's 5-year limited warranty and nationwide service team.

Additional Features

  • Standard Width - a 42-inch width is the standard for PTACs and makes replacing old units simple
  • Internal Diagnostics - its self-diagnostic program can alert maintenance to component failures and operating problems
  • Removes Excess Moisture - it removes up to 3.2 pints of excess moisture from your room every hour
  • Adjustable Louvers - change the airflow direction by tilting the louvers
  • Air Filter - catches airborne particles and is easy to access for quick cleaning
  • Fresh Air Outlet - open this to allow filtered fresh air from outside into the space
  • Constant Room Sampling - it samples the room’s air every 9 minutes to make sure settings are correct. 
  • Instant Heat - when you first turn on this AC's Heat mode, its electric heater back up quickly warms your space before using the heat pump to maintain your room temperature

Note: This PTAC AC also has a 3 kW electric heater back-up that automatically turns on when needed (heat pumps only operate down to 40 degrees F). All Friedrich PTAC models share a universal heater cord, so it's simple to increase or decrease the power of the electric heat back up. Some customers purchase the 5 kW back up heater cord for tough winter conditions.