Friedrich 15,000 Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner and Heater

Product Description

Large hotel rooms and extended-stay suites need a powerful AC, and the Friedrich PDE15K5SG cools and heats areas up to 700 square feet. Friedrich's commercial-grade PTACs are known for providing years of reliable, efficient comfort—and this model is backed by a limited 5-year warranty.

Powerful Cooling and Heating

Its 15,000 BTUs of cooling power and 5 kW electric heater are supplemented by a strong, 3-speed fan. All the settings are easy to change thanks to a digital control board that shows your current room temperature.

Tough Interior and Exterior Components

This Friedrich PTACs was designed for simple maintenance with easy access to their internal parts. A durable exterior blends with its reliable interior to provide years of efficient cooling and heating:  

  • Stainless Steel End Plates and Pan: Stainless steel parts to fight off rust and corrosion. It also has a power-coated exterior finish for extra durability.
  • Room Sampling: This PTAC samples room air every 9 minutes to make sure room air matches the AC settings. 
  • Friedrich Support: A 5-year-limited warranty and nationwide service network is supplemented by the US-based Friedrich technician team. Every model is factory run-tested to reduce problems in the field.
  • Improved Air Distribution: Its tangential blower wheel has nearly 5 times the surface area of a typical PTAC fan, allowing for quick cooling and even air distribution.

Advanced Energy Saving Features

Exceptional FriedrichLink® energy management thermostats are available for purchase (wired and wireless). These come with integrated occupancy sensor, 5 distinct energy presets and comprehensive remote management capability.

  • Advanced coil design: This adds more surface area, allowing for more efficient airflow. 

  • Thicker steel inner-wall and foam consturction: Its durable construction decreases thermal transfer and energy loss.

  • Electronic temperature limiting: Easily adjust the low/high temperature range to reduce energy usage in each room. 

  • Desk control ready: This allows hotel owners to control units from one central location, like a front desk. 

Additional Features

  • Ultra-Quiet Operation - a 2-motor design lets the indoor motor run at slower speeds and combines with sound reducing technology and high-end insulation to create minimal noise 
  • Maintenance-Friendly Design - easily access the components for cleaning or repairs
  • Removes Excess Moisture - it removes up to 3.1 pints of excess moisture from your room every hour
  • Fan-Only Mode - add a slight breeze to your space to avoid stuffiness
  • Adjustable Louvers - direct air in a certain direction by tilting the louvers
  • Air Filter - catches airborne particles and is easy to access for quick cleaning
  • Fresh Air Outlet - open this to allow filtered fresh air from outside into the space

Note: If this is a new installation, you need to purchase a grille and wall sleeve separately. Look at the standard Friedrich grille.

Universal Heater Cord

Friedrich PTACs now offer a universal heater cord—so you can exchange a smaller heater cord if you don't need the 30-amp, 5kW heat output that comes with this model. A 20-amp, 3kW heater cord is available for purchase and is commonly used for hot states that rarely need heat.