Dr. Infrared Heater 10000 Watt Wall/Ceiling Mounted Garage Heater

Product Description

Deliver up to 34,129 BTUs of heat to garages, workshops, warehouses, and more with the Dr. Infrared Heater DR-910F. Capable of use as a primary or auxiliary heating source, it's the perfect choice for keeping you comfortable all winter long. Designed to be hardwired to your wall or ceiling, it takes up little space and with a remote-controlled thermostat that's capable of achieving any temperature between 50-90 degrees Fahrenheit, it's user-friendly too.

User-Friendly Heating

Engineered with the features you need to create the perfect indoor temperature, the Dr. Infrared Heater 10,000 Watt Wall/Ceiling Mounted Garage Heater delivers the ultimate in industrial space comfort.

  • Built-In Thermostat: Its built-in adjustable remote-controlled thermostat lets you set your preferred room temperature between 50-90 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Programmable Timer: Set the timer to have to heater automatically turn off up to 12 hours in advance.
  • Even Coverage: This heater uses a spiral steel metal sheath to evenly heat the entire room.

Built to Last

Not only is this powerful heater easy to use but it’s durable too, with several unique features to ensure it can withstand the rigors of years of use.

  • Minimal Maintenance: Its permanently sealed ball-bearing motor is designed to require minimal maintenance.
  • Motor Protection: The motor is also thermally protected to eliminate the risk of overheating.
  • Steel Front Cover: A rugged stamped steel front cover protects the unit in most industrial settings.
  • Dual Installation: Opt for ceiling- or wall-mounted installation with the included arm bracket.

Additional Features

  • Airflow Control: Five adjustable louvers allow for easy airflow control.
  • Dynamic Fan: Provides maximum airflow with minimal noise and turbulence.
  • Overheating Alarm: An alarm will illuminate to warn that parts of the heater are overheating.
  • UL-Listed: This heater is UL-listed for safety standards.