Dr. Infrared Heater 10000 Watt Hardwired Shop Garage Heater w/ Cart

Product Description

For a safe, reliable, and quick heating performance in garages, workshops, warehouses, and more turn to the Dr. Infrared Heater 10,000 Watt Hardwired Shop Garage Heater with Cart. Designed for use as a primary or secondary heating source, this portable heater allows for precise temperature control and delivers powerful airflow, providing up to 34,121 BTUs of heat.

Portable Comfort

Unique to this hardwired heater is its cart that allows the Dr. Infrared Heater DR-910M to be moved around your space as needed to combat any specific cool spots. Once wired, you can turn the unit, move it from area to area, and more with ease.

Durable Engineering

Thanks to some impressive engineering, this single-phase heater is designed to withstand the demands of constant, daily use.

  • Sealed Motor: A sealed ball-bearing motor is permanently sealed to require minimal maintenance if any at all.
  • Thermally Protected: Equipped with thermal protection, the motor is designed not to overheat.
  • Rugged Design: Its rugged stamped steel front cover lets the unit withstand the rigors of use in industrial areas.

Easy-to-Use Comfort

Operating the Dr. Infrared Heater Garage Heater is simple thanks to its onboard control panel. A simple switch allows you to turn the unit on and off, while its temperature control dial makes finding your right heating setting easy.

Additional Features

  • Adjustable Louvers: Its five adjustable louvers provide for easy airflow control.
  • Overheating Protection: Its onboard alarm will illuminate if it senses that parts of the unit are overheating.
  • Dynamic Fan: A dynamic fan delivers maximum airflow with minimal noise and turbulence.
  • UL-Listed: This heater is UL-listed for safety standards.