Bio Green Electric Fan Heater for Greenhouse Palma 1500 W - incl. Digital Summer/Winter Thermostat

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Manufacturer Description

Powerful greenhouse heater , compact, energy-efficient & safe in operation - all these are features of the new Palma heater with digital thermostat by bio green. Its robust housing is constructed largely from stainless steel. With its timeless design, this floor-standing heater looks good in any situation. Palma is also the ideal solution for the smaller greenhouse where space is at a premium. Thanks to its compact design, slip-resistant rubber' & practical carrying handle, it can be used almost anywhere. The technology that we have developed ensures that the temperature is maintained reliably at a reasonable level with no energy-wasting temperature peaks in the greenhouse. The energy savings that are made are not due to half-hear-ted heating but to sensible use of the available energy. Heating a greenhouse – the challenge To keep a greenhouse frost-free, the temperature must remain above 32°F even in the corners. If the current of air does not reach there, then the temperature on the heater has to be really high, however, then a large proportion of the warmth goes up into the gable of the greenhouse, where it is not needed, while the corners may still dip down to minus temperatures. This is unsatisfactory, because heating energy is being wasted. In addition, there may be a significant temperature difference between when the heater switches on and especially with cheaper thermostats. This means if the thermostat has a switching differential of, for example, 43°F, then the greenhouse has to be heated up to 47°F if it is not to fall below the frost-free limit of 36°F before the heating switches on again automatically. Bio Green heaters avoid this unnecessary heating up by keeping the switching differential to a minimum, as can be seen from Diagram. This results in significant energy savings. Therefore, we as greenhouse specialists have developed a range of heaters which offer important advantages: High ventilation rate up to 460 m³/h. The fan setting. By using the fan setting, all the air in the greenhouse can be circulated even in the summer season. With the window open and the fan on, the greenhouse can be cooled down. Air circulation in the summer is also necessary for the pollination of many flowers and vegetables. Bio Green is a family owned manufacturer for greenhouse heaters since 1984 with a lot of expertise and experience in the greenhouse heating field.

Product Features

Easily heats spaces up to 120 ft.² Ideal for greenhouse heating , sheds, store room, garage, milk-house With digital summer/winter thermostat (110 V) UL - Approved and external sensor cable to measure the ambient temperature in the greenhouse. Very energy efficient due to accuracy of thermostat Stainless Steel housing, Floor-standing greenhouse heater with IP X4 splash-proof Stainless steel heatelements - engeneered in Germany for greenhouse heating use 5118 BTU / 1500 w heating output - Durable Fan with bearings made for humit environments Very inexpensive to operate

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