Bed Bug Heater System, Kills and Gets Rid of All Bed Bugs in a Home, 240/40 Amp, BK-20

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Manufacturer Description

Dealing with bed bugs? Don't settle for a "solution" that damages your home and falls short of complete extermination. Recent studies have shown that 7 of the 12 bed bug species are either immune or becoming immune to the chemicals used in common insecticide treatments. Vacuuming, another removal technique, often does not fully remove bed bugs. Heat is the only 100%-effective bed bug killer available today. The BK-20 Heater heats rooms to 140?F and cracks/crevices to 125?F. All bed bug species die at 111?F, and their eggs die 117?F. The numbers and data don't lie. The BK-20 Heater completely eliminates bed bugs in every room it heats.

Designed specifically for residential rooms, the BK-20 Heater is portable, affordable, and significantly safer than insecticide treatments. Many insecticides have also been shown to cause damage to the environment and pose risks to those living in treated homes. The BK-20 Heater is chemical-free and costs a fraction of the thousands typically charged by professionals offering insecticide treatments. Powered from 6 separate 120/20 Amp breakers with outlets, and one 240 Volt 50 Amp stove plug, this bed bug killer can be set up in virtually any room in the house and left to do its job. In just 6-8 hours, a room as large as 900 square feet will be freed of bed bugs entirely. Ideal for DIY-ers and pest control professionals alike, this USA-designed and manufactured bed bug heater for homes is ready for bed bug extermination right out of the box.

The BK-20 Heater package includes:
(1) BK-20 Heater
(2) High Temperature Fans (two options)
(1) 25' 240 Volt/50 Amp 6 Gauge Cord
(1) 15' 120 Volt 12 Gauge Extension Cord
(1) 25' 120 Volt 12 Gauge Extension Cord
(2) 50' 120 Volt 12 Gauge Extension Cords
(2) 100' 120 Volt 12 Gauge Extension Cords
(1) Infrared Heat Gun

All sales are final, no return policy. 12 month full manufacturer warranty; 24 months on the resistors.

Product Features

•THE INDUSTRY'S TRUSTED 100%-EFFECTIVE BED BUG KILLER. 7 of 12 bed bug species have developed immunities to chemicals used in most insecticides. All bed bugs die at 111?F. Their eggs die at 117?F. The BK-20 Heater heats spaces to 140?F to ensure that bed bugs are fully exterminated. •DESIGNED FOR RESIDENTIAL ROOMS. Safe, portable, and powered from 6 separate 120/20 Amp breakers with outlets, and one 240 Volt 50 Amp stove plug, the BK-20 Heater comes with Ample extension cords for use in virtually any home. •TREAT YOUR ROOM IN 6-8 HOURS. Save time and energy: simply turn on your BK-20 Heater and go about your day. You will have a bed bug-free room in 6-8 hours. •GO GREEN. The chemicals insecticides can cause damage to the environment and those in your home. Plus, they're costly. Go green and save green with the chemical-free and cost-effective BK-20 Heater. •USA-DESIGNED AND MANUFACTURED. When quality-control counts, and results matter, choose the safe and 100% effective bed bug killer designed and manufactured in the USA. Choose the BK-20 Heater for your residential bed bug treatment needs.

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